Thank you for your support. Looking forward to meet YOU!

About us.

Two students, Ondřej Holubec a Michael Maláč, decided to revive a cool project – Alcohol Angels. Despite time-consuming economics and medicine studies they decided to supply all the late night´s parties in the Olomouc city and neighbourhood. We´ll do anything in our power to make your night unforgettable.


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 2am. We´ll deliver you anything you wish (and we have in our sortiment) as soon as possible.


Who is our client?

YOU! You, who want to continue in a beautifully shaping up evening. You, who want your evening to be even better but don´t want to pay for a taxi and look for an opened store. You, who don´t want to spend money for expensive shots in a bar and invite a few friends over instead. You, who are 18+!

What do we plan?

After we manage to deal with the main tasks we want to make a bar-on-wheels. We are really looking forward to meet all of you in the squares, in the streets or in front of your favorite bar!